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1-5 CBCDE      6-10 DDBEB     11-15  EDCDA


16-20 CDACD   21-25 BECAA


26-30 ADECD

31-35 BEDBA

36-40 ACDDC

41-45 CDBAE

46-50 BDBAB

51-55 EEAED



完型:1-5 CDAAC    6-10 ADCBD    11-15 ACBDB    16-20 CBDAD

阅读:21-25 DCACA  26-30 AACBD   31-35 CDBAB    36-40 BBDDC

新题型: 41-45 DGFCB




Dear Prof. Smith,

It is a great honor to be assigned to plan the debate. After careful consideration, I suggest “Private Cars or Public Transportation” for this debate.

I make this suggestion because with the improvement of people’s living standards, more citizens are driving their own cars, but this trend is causing increasingly serious traffic jams. Currently, public transportation systems like subway should be the best way out. I believe that people will be quite divided over this highly debatable issue.

I plan to hold the preliminary contest on Jan. 5 from 6 pm to 9 pm in the school auditorium, from which ten best candidates will be chosen for the final contest on Jan. 12 evening. I am sure many students will be interested in participating in this event.

I am looking forward to your further advice on the matter.

Warm regards,

Li Ming


What Students Did After Graduation

What would students do after graduation from this college? According to this graph, in 2013, 68.1% of them started to find jobs, and another 26.3% went on for further education. 5 years later, the percentage of graduates getting employed dropped to 60.7% while those striving for higher degrees rose to 34%. In both years, only a tiny proportion of them managed to establish businesses of their own (1.3% and 2.6% respectively).

This change is not difficult to understand if we take the following factors into consideration. First and foremost, thanks to the fast economic development, more families can financially afford to have their children stay longer on campus for higher degrees. Secondly, in an era of knowledge economy, companies are attaching greater importance to the education backgrounds of new employees, and this forces young people to fight for higher degrees. Meanwhile, we must be acutely aware that the Chinese economy has been becoming increasingly competitive and thus fewer young college graduates dare to take the step to follow their pioneering spirits.

From the discussion above, I have good reason to predict that the percentage of college graduates continuing their study will be on a steady rise in the years to come. It is surely a good sign of social, economic and educational progress in our country. But government also needs to create a favorable social environment so that more young educated people would venture to create their own enterprises.




1-5 BABAE      6-10 BCCCE     11-15  DADCE


16-20 AABDD   21-25 CEADD


26-30 DDCDB

31-35 DEEDA

36-40 AECDD

41-45 DCCDD

46-50 CCDAD

51-55 ECCAB



完型:1-5 ACDCB    6-10 CDABD    11-15 CDBAA    16-20 ABCAD

阅读:21-25 CBCDA  26-30 CAACC   31-35 BCDDD    36-40 DBDAA

新题型: 41-45 BFDAE





Dear Prof.Smith,

I am sorry to tell you that I have to cancel my travel plan to your city for some reasons,thus I am afraid that I couldn't visit you according to the due cource.So I am writing for the purpose of extending my sincere apology to you.

Actually, I miss you very much, but I received a notice suddenly that I have to attend an exam if I would love to apply for an opportunity for further study abroad.Nevertheless I haven't prepared for it very well Hence I have to spend more time and energy on it.

Please accpet my hearfelt apology again! I am really sorry for any inconvenience I caused. and I am honorable to ask if I could make an another appointment with you.I am looking forward to your response at your earliest convenience. Regards !

Yours faithfully,

Li Ming


This is a simple but informative chart. As is explicitly illustrated in it, consumers in a city choose the restaurant to go to according to various factors: the feature makes up 36.3%; the environment accounts for 27.8%; service composes 26.8%; price constitutes 8.4%; other factors occupy 4.7%.

Evidently, this chart is meant to reveal the fact that there is a tendency for people to lay more emphasis on factors other than price when choosing the restaurant today. A number of factors may account for this phenomenon, but the following are the most critical ones. The first and most noticeable reason is the fact that the country's economy has been developing at a high speed in the past decades, raising people's income considerably. Therefore, they do not have to care much about the price now. In the second place, the boom of the foodservice industry has provided the public with a larger variety of choice in terms of the environment,the feature as well as the service of restaurants. Last but not least, people have changed their concept of consumption and laid more emphasis on such aspects as the environment, the feature as well as the service of restaurants.

Taking into consideration what has been mentioned above, we may safely come into the conclusion that the chart is a perfect index of the nation's economy, society as well as people's rising standard of living. Though a series of problems may exist, we have reasons to believe that they can be solved in the near future with effective measures taken by the government and the public




1-5 BBDDE      6-10 BAACE     11-15  BECDB


16-20 DACBC       21-25 BACCA


26-30 ACDEB

31-35 CBECE

36-40 BDEED

41-45 CEEDD

46-50 BDCEE

51-55 EDBEA



完型:  1-5  ACBCD  6-10  AACBA  11-15  ADCBA  16-20  BCDBD

阅读:  21-25 BBDCA  26-30 ACBDB  31-35 CDADA  36-40 BDCDB

新题型:41-45 FCGDE




Dear Professor Williams,                                                

I am very much honored to have received your invitation, and I accept it with gratitude.

Now, I have already come up with some key points that I plan to cover in my presentation. First, I will talk about what is Chinese culture. Secondly, the lecture will focus on the significant differences between the Chinese culture and the western culture. Last but not least, I will demonstrate with specific examples how to appreciate the value of the Chinese culture to the world today.

I believe that this short lecture will give the international students some very brief ideas about the Chinese culture. If you have some suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

I am looking forward to your response.

Warm regards,

Li Ming

48. 大作文参考范文:

As the graph indicates, the numbers of both museums and museum visitors have been on a steady rise in our country over the past few years. For example, the number of museum visitors increased from 637.8 million in 2013 to 717.7 million in 2014 to 781.1 million in 2015. At the same time, the number of museums rose from 4165 in 2013 to 4510 in 2014 to 4697 in 2015.

This uprising trend is not surprising if we take the following factors into consideration. In the first place, thanks to the fast economic boom of our country over the years, increasing numbers of Chinese people can financially afford to pursue their spiritual needs. Secondly, as our country grows more powerful, the government becomes acutely aware of the importance of preserving our national culture. More museums have thus been built to meet this strategic need. Equally important, from most people’s traveling experience, visiting museums is both entertaining and educational.

Of course, this phenomenon, as a strong sign of our social progress, is a good thing. In the years to come, I have good reason to believe that visiting museums will become more popular with ordinary people. This will help boost our national pride, and make more people, both Chinese and foreigners, develop a better understanding of our country. All these will play an important role in spreading the Chinese influence on the international stage today.

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